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in baltimore, brian, abc 2 news. >> police are still looking to identify the car's owner and identity of the juveniles. 24 hours after some big storms battered the baltimore area, right now we are seeing active weather out there but mainly to our north and some to our south. we are kind of in a quiet zone here in baltimore. watch, severe thursdayer storm watch for cecil county otherwise well outside of maryland, pennsylvania and southern virginia a couple warnings there. regional sweep mode a couple areas we are watching of some concern, one cluster here off to the west but you can see the trajectory of that will take it just south of us, some big storms down here and the biggest one up toward new york right now but we are in a relative quiet zone here in the baltimore area. we are not picking up anything. quiet for now but as we work
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into the rest of the night we could see a couple storms rumble. also look ahead to what is going to be one of the hottest weekends of the year so far. those details straight ahead. >> thanks wyatt. a baltimore county man has been charged with child abuse after police say he left his 5-year- old daughter inside a truck. witnesses spotted the child sitting in a locked pick up truck sunday morning. police arrived and broke a window to rescue the child an employee alerted shoppers to say what was happening but no one came forward. when hector hernandez came forward and approached the truck they arrested him. police in bel air have broken a ring of silence and are seeking a suspect in the city's first murder in four years. detectives say 20-year-old mohammed of parkville fired the shots that killed an aberdeen man and injured a 15-year-old girl outside american legion
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post north bond street early sunday. even though 100 people were in the parking lot, no one had information on the gunman. in follow up interviews police got the lead they needed. >> based on those interviews, the suspect was identified, and a warrant was obtained for his arrest. >> now they are looking for him anyone with information on mohammed's where abouts is asked to call bel air police. 410, 638, 4500 you could be eligible for a reward up to $2,000. state police in alaska are reopening a cold case investigation into the stabbing death of a maryland man 28 years ago outside a bar in kodiak. a bartender said 27-year-old thomas carbine had a lot of cash and bought rounds of drinks. it merited review because of so many potential wittenses.
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he was returning home after working during the alaskan crab fishing season. maryland department of public safety and correctional services made it easier to track down criminals on the run. today officials unvailed live scan. a device that closes the gap in the identification process alerting police to an offenders wrap sheet. >> parole and probation, when they have an entry in their record, it will allow the officers to know what this person has been involved in and what they are currently being supervised for. >> today's demonstration is tart of an american -- is part of an american probation parole supervision week. a 5-year-old child hit by a police cruiser is doing okay tonight. it happened last night in north baltimore investigators say the boy darted into the street when hit the officer was on routine patrol and swerved to avoid the
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child. we are about to show you pictures of a man that authorities say stole money from a ham stead man he did it stealing the man's atm card number and pin using a skimming device. area law enforcement busted people months ago from skimming numbers from a bank of america branch but they thing they are dealing with someone new benefits from old information. >> look at his face, his car, with his hat pulled down over his eyes it is hard to make out this guy but someone knows who he is. he stole money from a father with four children, $1,500 of his hard earned cash, authorities say he did it stealing the man's atm card number and pin using what is called a skimming device and printing a duplicate card making atm withdrawals at this m and t atm november 9th and later that same night on prat
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street downtown baltimore. carroll county sheriff's detectives say they are dealing with new players, where numbers were lifted from a bank of america atm months ago. >> several suspects have been arrested and charged in other cases but this appears to be someone different. we do believe again photographs in this case are different set of suspects at least would be individual. atm skimming accounts account for hundreds of millions in losses each year. thieves are becoming more and more sophisticated. the best thing to do is take a good look at the atm before you use it in most cases something really just doesn't look right. >> residents need to be aware as they approach atm and bank machines, for an external device or components of the atm that appear to be attached secondary or after construction
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of the sheen. again -- machine. again, usually adjacent to or near the area, where you put in your atm card. it is easy to mistake them for the correct components of the machine. >> if you have any information that can help authorities catch this guy call the tips line 188- 8399 tips. thanks rosie. a government watchdog group reporting a major down side to federal bailout of the auto industry. the new report from the office charged with monitoring the bailout fund says chrysler and gm were pressured to quickly close hundreds of dealerships without regard for jobs that would be lost. among those impacted, maryland auto dealer jack fitzgerald. four of his franchises were lost. >> it was wrong. it was obviously wrong. anyone in the business knows that that was wrong. it was a mistake.
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it was really hurting chrysler and gm it wasn't helping them and it was hurting the economy. everything about it was wrong, a bad idea. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs strongly disagrees with the reports conclusion saying the white house should be credited with saving auto industry jobs. it is a fear many over came as kids that first dip under water learning how to swim. it is not necessarily any easier as an adult but in today's health minutes folks still want to make up for lost time taking the plunge. >> reporter: swim instructor joy lain knows these beginners share a common fear. >> even though we are not going any where near the deep end i can feel you guys. >> you are going to take me off the end and drop me. >> reporter: she uses humour and lots of planoing that learning to swim begins with
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learning to relax. janet hadn't had a swimming lesson in 20 years. but she wants to swim with her daughter. >> she wanted me to come to the deep end with her i said no, i am afraid to. >> reporter: first timer had a close call on a canoe trip. >> we all fell into the water and it was terrible. i decided i need to learn swimming. >> reporter: along with their fear come other obstacles. >> face in the water is huge. that is a big fear for most adults and children alike. >> reporter: gulping down water and breathing air is another problem. >> for me it is breathing. remembering to breathe. >> reporter: over the next few weeks students will learn a couple basic swim strokes until then it is a trip to the deep end and more reassurance. >> i love it. >> a place not so scary after all. for today's health minute, i am christy paul. the whole point to taking a dip in the pool is fun but remember safety comes first in
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the wake of the near drowning over the weekend, consumer products safety commission has launched an educational campaign, pool safely. it is a national public education effort to reduce child drownings, nonfatal submersions and entrapments in swimming pools and spas. to learn more, go to our home page once you are there, click on the weather tab and then our hot weather guide. busy moms and dads can often use help looking after little ones, many go with video monitors but they may not be the only ones watching. it is a tool many use to hear and see their babies and check out what they are up to so you don't have to sit crib side all night. with some video monitors strangers can also see what you see. sunday night at 11 we will explain why these can give neighbors a good look at whatever is within camera range. we will hear from one local mom
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who started picking up another's baby picture in her home. >> i went to grab the monitor to look and see what is going on and it wasn't her. it was another baby's room. >> sunday night at 11 we will explain how far the video from your baby's room can travel and we will give you the one sure fire way to lock down that transmission. >> scary. maryland's gubernatorial candidates enjoyed some of the best seafood on the east coast. how the crab and clam bake turned into the stomping grounds for the governor and his aponents. >> according to one play boy, one baltimore eatery has the best cheese steaks. find out where after the break. currently sitting at 88 degrees, a bit of a warm up is on the way, wyatt has a complete look at the forecast
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when we come back
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well, people enjoying the third and fourth annual crab and clam bake will get a good dinner is possibly a good show. both gubernatorial candidates are stopping on the eastern shore for your boat. benter over the best crabs will likely shift to who has the best interest of maryland voters in november. >> reporter: it is hot and july it is time for the j miller clam bake named for maryland's 54th governor thousands travel to enjoy some of the best
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seafood around. the only thing as colorful as seafood are politicians here. everyone is running for one position or another. >> always a highly political event. >> reporter: people here expect to see the political fury. >> that is one great thing about this event down here. >> reporter: with all the good food here, when given the choice of political banter or maryland's delicacies. >> i enjoy crab. >> good luck to them. i am here for the crabs. >> reporter: every four years there is a little more relevance to the political scene because of the gubernatorial race. both candidates know they need to be here. >> almost kind of a political right of passage, it is not really an election year unless there is fanfare. >> tradition, about as maryland as you get. for me marks the middle summer in an election year particularly, everybody comes down and wears hats and waves
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their signs and it is part of our political heritage in our state. >> reporter: a lot of very important issues out there, economy being one of them. it is really hot out here in july but come november the political climate will heat up even more i am don harrison abc 2 news. >> maryland department of education is giving students an opportunity to exercise their green thumb. kids part of the gifted and talented program in hartford county use their know how to study habitat. many kids say the program is the best part of their summer. >> you get to meet a lot of kids you wouldn't have met before and have to learn how to work in groups with people you don't know and solve complex problems you have never even heard of. it really teaches you a lot about learning who you are in life and learning how to work with other people who are totally different from
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yourself. >> the maryland summer center programs goal is make sure students learn in a unique environment. one of the best late night sandwiches around according to play boy. it is so good the august issue of the men's magazine ranks hot tomatos, deep fried cheese steak as one of its favorite after midnight eats. the owner thought it would be nice to add his favorite cheese steak to the menu so he slow cooked it in the pizza oven and decided to pack it into a pizza dough and fry it up. >> the whole thing is a combination of the deep fryer sweetens up the dough, so when it comes out, it is crispy and sweet on the outside and then gooey cheesy on the inside. the whole thing just works. >> sounds tasty. but if you want to see one you
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have to wait until after late in the evening. the sandwich costs $6 they serve it after 4. well, the owner of the movie theatre complex has decided to sell the building. regal cinemas will continue to operate the 12 screen cinema under a long termless. built in 1998 and owned separately from the rest of the outdoor mall is expected to sell for about $10 million. i want one of these cheese steaks. >> the description, gee wee on the inside and crispy on the outside i am getting distracted. a quiet night out there tonight kellye. chance of storms later tonight less than 30%. slim, looking pretty good so far. let's take a lookout side.
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hot night at inner harbour, humidity is up there. to say the least. dragon boats breathing fire. 90 degrees you thing it is hot now give it a couple days. talking about one of the hottest weekends of the year coming right at us in a couple days here. maryland's most powerful radar watching closely all afternoon five sweeps in action, scanning the skies and finding only one storm down here. nasty looking south of orange, cull pepper, a spot many of us have been to, storm tracking really more due east i don't thing it has any chance of working its way here to baltimore area we will keep an eye on it as we always do. weather net cameras across the state capturing post card like skies. look how beautiful this is. at times the clouds looks ominous but we never got peak instability storms stayed north. parkville a wild looking sky
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here temperature wise pretty hot out there no matter where you were you saw a mixture of clouds and sun but enough sun to get us back into low 90s. 96 arnold, german town, 94, bethese da, 98 at the airport 93 the high, well below the record but 92 your forecast. michael out of baltimore is our weather winner. we try to have a winner every day. 92 inner harbour, hot still humidity very very high dew point at 70. wider here this is what it feels like with humidity right now feeling like 100 ocean city, 97 here in charm city and watches and warnings north of us now, see similar county you have a severe thunderer storm watch not a warning but watch up for the remander of the evening and there are a few
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warning down toward virginia and north carolina. quiet relatively speaking across maryland as we take you out wider you can see storm action prolific up toward new york and new jersey a lot of storms firing down virginia, carolina, we are in a squeeze play here a doughnut hole, a lull in the action we will take it. one thing is for sure that hot, humid air will hang tomorrow looks like that extreme heat lasts into the weekend. 74 tonight a few storms possible but not probable, tomorrow 94, sunny and hot, less humid, tomorrow night just a few clouds and less muggy but here is the outlook hot weather the theme here next few days, 97 friday, slight chance of a storm, saturday cooking, svelters 100 -- sweltedderring, 100-degree heat. many loved ones are pressing their way home.
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live like right now. traffic is moving smoothly. they should be home shortly. closing numbers just ahead keep it right here could switching to geico really save you
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a negative response to comments from fed chairman
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bernanke the dow fell 109 to 10,120, s&p fell almost 14 pointnasdaq lost 35. coming up tonight, more than just your old fashioned neighbourhood bake sale an icon of the baltimore food stripe dalles its way -- pedals its way for a good cause. a new device promises home phone service without a monthly bill. does it work can it save you cash. those stories and more tonight at 11. should be good. kellye, we will be watching for storms, haven't seen much yet one storm here on maryland's powerful radar picking this up down into virginia. back here across baltimore we are clear. do your evening plans, it will be hot and hot again tomorrow look at this, talking 90 or so by noon, mid-90s tomorrow afternoon just the beginning kellye, hotter from there >> i can't wait.
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that's it,. >> cold beverages. >> back at 11 have a good one go
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